Our Services

Core Trust and Investment Limited has a wide range of bespoke services which includes:

Alternative Investment

Our Alternative Investment Arm invests in a portfolio of companies within the financial services and real estate sectors and is aimed at expanding into other critical sectors of the economy.

Pension Management

Our Pension Management SBU focuses on delivering quality pension fund administration and management services to both private & public sector employees, and micro pension scheme for help self-employed people.

Commercial Banking

We engage in the business of Commercial Banking and have a number of subsidiaries that focus on mortgage financing, asset finance, education finance and other short term facilities; small-scale banking & bureau de change activities.


We help you to understand and identify your needs, to look for the best insurance proposals meeting your personal requirements, through our Insurance Brokerage, Insurance Products and Health Maintenance Organisation.

Wealth Management

Our Fund Management SBU (Strategic Business Unit) are dedicated to helping our clients (institutions, retail investors, organizations and HNIs) build, nurture and sustain wealth with ease.